How to implement AI in CRM Applications

Artificial Intelligence

2020 has already unfolded as a crucial year in terms of the relationship between artificial intelligence and sales.

This year, artificial intelligence will play a significant role in sales departments of various organizations. One of the markable implications will be in the area of CRMs. CRMs have become an inevitable part of sales departments. This year there will be a prominent surge in the use of artificial intelligence and CRMs. Artificial Intelligence always enhances the efficiencies and capabilities of CRM.

Whether it comes automating time-consuming tasks, enhancing human insights, analyzing the hidden trends in massive storage of data, or offering proper guidance to inexperienced sales representatives of organizations, this article tells you about 15 smart ways organizations can implement artificial intelligence in CRMs and enhance their efficiencies.

1. Transcribe and analyze the sales calls:

Sales departments can take the benefits of call analytic software to record all the meetings and calls. They can capture time-stamped notes, obtain transcripts, highlight references of different notes and topics like budget, pricing, important steps, etc. Users can use the special feature called “tracker” to return to the specific point of conversation once the call is ended. An AI-powered call analyzing tool also helps users identify the topical trends in phone calls, find the best practices and combine it with the CRM data to compare it with the historical data.

2. Analyze The Caller’s Emotional State to Optimize The Phone Calls:

Another great advantage of using AI in CRM is to perform the in-call voice analysis. Such types of AI tools can analyze the speaking patterns, choice of words and other conversational dynamics. It helps users know about the callers’ emotional states and provides real-time guidance to agents to resolve the calls amicably. The guidance includes telling agents to slow down the speech, empathize more with callers and give callers more space to talk.

3. Engage Leads Through Emails:

It’s true that artificial intelligence cannot replace human marketing and sales agents till yet. But, some organizations are finding success with AI tools to engage, nurture, follow-up and cross-sell. There are AI-powered tools that help users obtain the best phone numbers, the right time to call, purchase trends and feedback.

4. Identifying The Support Ticket Patters and Figure Out The Best Approach:

Customer Service departments usually receive a lot of tickets. AI-powered Customer Service applications can eliminate the major burden on help-desk agents by predicting which group or team is best suitable to handle certain problems. Furthermore, it can provide specific canned responses based on the type of ticket. Users can apply response templates to handle certain tickets with these AI tools.

5.Reducing The Overall Volume of Tickets:

Another excellent way that can help your customer service agents is AI tools dig through your knowledge base to deliver relevant and easily understandable solutions to common cases. There are tools that can learn from past successful tickets to identify the similarities with the current ones and automatically recommend the right steps to resolve it properly.

6. Dig Through Different Industries and Social Media Data for Account-Based Marketing and Sales:

Targeting intelligence solutions can dig through extensive industry data based on specific criteria. These tools can find firmographics, business activities, technology profiles to identify the best B2B marketing prospects. Users can set account alerts to deliver news and specific social content according to different types of buying triggers.

7. Automating Service Desk Operations with Digital Service Agents:

Digital service agents are not at a stage of completely replacing humans, but they are highly capable of automating simple tasks and handling common requests. New-aged AI tools can open new accounts, answering new clients, process claims and answering common questions, etc. These tools expand their knowledge through observation.

These days CRMs are in serious need of a makeover. Time is new and sales departments can no longer survive without gaining the trust of customers. Artificial Intelligence enables sales people with a heightened reputation.

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